Grants and Scholarships

2017-2018 Student Recipients


Congratulations to our scholarship recipients! Madelyn Hill and Joseph

2017-2018 Recipients

The following is a list of the teachers receiving Venture Grants this year and the projects planned with the funding provided:


Tawnee Hunter, Valerie Lewis, Nicole Prince – Wilmington Area Elementary School

Project Title:  Literacy Partnership

The kindergarten class of Miss Prince and the first grade class of Mrs. Lewis will engage in a literacy partnership with the Pine Ridge Elementary School, a Native American Indian Reservation primary school in South Dakota.  The classes will connect and form pen pal relationships using culturally responsive literature in order to promote and develop appreciation for diverse cultures in both elementary schools. 


Constance Nych and 1st-Grade Teachers – Wilmington Area Elementary School

Project Title:  Guided Math – Techies and Gurus with Games!

The guided math approach affords the opportunity for small group and one-on-one instruction and provides students with hands-on math exploration and learning using manipulatives.  This approach also allows the opportunity to strengthen basic math skills and mastery through games and technology. 


Josh Phillian and the 5th-Grade Team – Wilmington Area Middle School

Project Title:  Parachute Egg Drop

Teams made up of approximately 90 students will each create a parachute device to secure an egg that will be dropped from a height of 50 feet.  Students will use math skills to develop a budget for purchasing materials, science skills to construct the parachute device, and ELA skills to journal the entire scientific process. 


Chris Bates – Wilmington Area Middle School

Project Title:  3D Printing Pen

The use of 3D pens brings activities to life across a wide range of subjects.  In this project, the use of 3D pens will allow students to explore design without having to use complicated software.  This project will encourage students to be problem solvers and is intended to grow their interest in engineering.


Connie White and 8th-Grade Team – Wilmington Area Middle School

Project Title:  8th Grade STEAM Project

This project is a repeat from the 2016-17 academic year with 8th-grade students working in teams to undertake a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) Project that involves building a functional roller coaster out of Popsicle sticks, wooden skewers and dowel rods, and toothpicks.  The driving force will be gravity with each coaster designed to be able to run the course from initial release.


Sara Telesz – K-8 Gifted Support

Project Title:  MakerSpace

This project is a repeat from the 2016-17 academic year, and involves creating a “makerspace” that will allow gifted and high achieving middle school students to design, create, and invent using tools, circuits, and various types of technology.  Students will have the opportunity to design working and moving models, and program their designs to complete tasks that involve using various math and technology skills. 


The 6th-Grade Team:  Kristen Phillips, Carol Thompson, Nicole Canciello, Brent Harlan, John Sabik – Wilmington Area Middle School

Project Title:  Ice Cream Business STEAM Project

This is another repeat project from the 2016-17 academic year.  Teams of 4-5 sixth-grade students will research scientific methods for making ice cream and research and develop recipes for their ice cream project. Each team will have a budget for ingredients and for expenses in the rental of various ice cream makers, and will create an advertising campaign for their product.  After fully developing their ice cream “business”, their final product will be presented to a panel of adult judges for a taste test as well as a score from a predetermined rubric to judge each ice cream product. 


James Geramita – Wilmington Area High School, Wilmington Area Middle School

Project Title – Science Olympiad

Grant funds for this project will enable a team of middle school students and a team of high school students to once again participate in the Science Olympiad, a regional competition held each year requiring students to use critical thinking and problem solving skills in a variety of scientific endeavors.  There will be 32 students (two alternates) each on each Wilmington team, the maximum number of participants permitted by Science Olympiad regulations. 


Venture Grants for Teachers

Each year the Wilmington Area Education Foundation invites teachers to submit proposals for grants to fund innovative educational activities and programs that will directly benefit students. In the last five years, the Foundation has awarded teachers over $12,000 dollars for programs and activities that have enriched learning in their classrooms. As Foundation funds grow, Venture Grant awards can increase, thereby providing teachers with greater opportunities to be creative in the way they instruct students and provide them with enrichment.

Facilities, Equipment Enhancements, and Special Program Support

Donors to the Wilmington Area Educational Foundation have provided funding for specialized equipment for both the classroom and extra-curricular needs. The following are some examples of programs and needs which have been funded from gifts made by local individuals:

  • Library Book Fair
  • Virtual Chemistry Lab – Environmental Testing Equipment
  • Auditorium Stage Curtains
  • Upgrades to the Computer Labs
  • Band Instruments
  • Financial Assistance for Student Athlete
  • Training
  • Editing Equipment for Media Production
  • Computer Learning Software
  • Accelerated Reader Program
  • Smart Board
  • Sports Equipment
  • Educational Programming,
  • 9th Grade Orientations

Student Academic Scholarships

Each spring, the Wilmington Area Education Foundation is a sponsor of the Wilmington Area High School Academic Awards Banquet. This banquet is held to honor the academic success of high school students who demonstrate commitment to their schoolwork and also add a positive quality to the classrooms and community of WAHS.

Throughout the year, the Foundation raises money from individuals and area businesses for the benefit of Wilmington’s K-12 students and their educational experience. Monies raised for this event, in addition to helping pay for event expenses, will help fund two Academic Achievement Scholarships of $1000 each to two high school seniors.