Who We Are

In 2001 a group of local citizens from the Wilmington Area School District established the Wilmington Area Education Foundation. The Foundation Board of Directors ensures the interests of each donor and review the overall activities of the foundation. In 2006, the Foundation joined with the Shenango Valley Foundation to provide professional management for the Foundation’s funds.


Our Mission

Foundation is to enrich the educational opportunities for all students of the Wilmington Area School District. The Foundation seeks to accomplish this mission by developing imaginative and creative partnerships with education through the financial support of the alumni and friends of the Wilmington Area School District.

Our Goals

The Foundation seeks to expand its impact each year through both the receiving and disbursing of annual gifts for educational programs and also through promoting and building an endowed fund which would be invested in perpetuity. A portion of the investment return from an endowed fund would then be available to support innovative teaching programs each year. As this fund grows, the ability of the Foundation to promote educational opportunities will continue to grow and flourish.

Board Members

Jim Dafler, President

Jennifer Matyasovsky, Secretary

Janet Smith, Treasurer

George Endrizzi, School Liaison

Katy DeMedal

Mark Arblaster

Olivia Lockhart

Julie Ochs